My First Post on the Zwift Forums

Stoked to be here and have the opportunity to interact with our amazing community.

Ride On.

Welcome @Brent_M


Welcome! Show us your bike

Thanks @Paul_Southworth! I’m currently using a 2021 (Zwift Academy) Aeroad. Out of curiosity, what resources do you typically use to learn more about Zwift?

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ.

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That’s a great in-game bike. Is that your IRL bike too?

One of the best overviews of resources is the forum wiki page (f/k/a megathread) by @Otto_Destruct


Thanks @Paul_Southworth: we’re always looking for ways to improve Zwift’s Support Hub, so I’ll be sure to check out this thread – I’m sure there’s some solid info in here.

Have a great weekend.

the only website you will ever need :wink:

Yes only that one and these two. :slight_smile:

But the link that @Paul_Southworth posted has all the info you need.

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Thank you @BenJones and @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ – definitely some valuable resources :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Do you have a particular area of expertise or responsibility within Zwift?

Please say Clubs, please say Clubs…

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@10K.Every.Day.In.23 – I lead the team who creates and maintains all of our how-to content on, hence why I was keen to learn about the other resources the community is leveraging. I plan to leverage some of this info to help fill content gaps on our side.

@Tom_J, I do not but understand how valuable this feature is to you and many others.

Aww, rats :slight_smile:

My IRL club just had a Zwift/Online Training seminar with our sponsor LBS, in part because there are a lot of moving pieces to navigate to get into Zwift. And that’s in addition to ‘how do I get my trainer ready, what kind of trainer do I need, what sort of space and tables and fans and holy cow what else do I need’ questions.

What I looked for originally on the site and didn’t find was a simple video, or maybe a set of videos. A lot of the young folks like videos these days. And as an example, I’m constantly referring people to Park Tool videos for wrenching. I think something like that would be very helpful.

Video 1: Options for getting online. Dumb trainer with sensors, smart trainer, smart bike. This could be a 5 minute video, just need someone who’s got an easy manner on camera and some examples to point to.

Video 2: Connecting to Zwift. Pairing devices, setting up avatar, and home screen navigation. Also could be a 5-7 min video.

Video 3: Companion App. The very idea that you need two apps and two devices to really use Zwift properly confuses a lot of people and makes them tense up. Show them how to connect, what all the buttons do (what the blue Ride On button does not do), how to use it to join events, etc.

Video 4: Sample workout space setups.

IMO, put these front and center for anyone to find when they jump on the site and ask themselves “should I get on Zwift, how do I do it?”. :slight_smile:

I really wish that titaniumgeek kept his unofficial guide up to date. I think that was the best source of information on Zwift it had everything from how to download to what does the bell menu button do. It was a few pages long and new users could quickly find everything they were looking for.

If I were Zwift I would contact him and pay him to bring that upto date and make it a living Zwift users manual.


@Tom_J – I really appreciate you sharing all of this valuable info. I’ll share this internally, as this touches mine and many other teams at Zwift.

Hope to see you in Watopia.

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Why would you do that instead of using it as a template/starting point* and simply producing something similar but up to date in house.

* in a way that doesn’t infringe upon TiGeek’s copyright, of course

Because he is very talented and has a keen eye for what is important and he did it before. He could do it for Zwift and then they can maintain it in the future. It will also be a nice thankyou for all he has done in the early days of Zwift.

did you check out the Zwift Youtube page?

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