New Forum Section - "Zwift Equipment"

Though I started another thread on this previously, I still think this would be a valuable section for this forum. I’ve read and watched everything I could find on Zwift Insider, Reddit, and YouTube, but think it would add value to this forum for discussion along these lines to be here as well. Truly thankful for all the hard work that went into those comparisons!

So until then… In general, what has been your best combination for general, mountain, and TT / Flat riding? .

I just got the Lightspeed wheels on the Alpe yesterday! Not sure they are faster than my 808’s as my time down the mountain was 1 second slower than the 808’s :slight_smile:.

Do you mean ‘Lightweight’ wheels? If so, they are good for going uphill and not much more, as they are not Aero and are slow.

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Yes, the Lightweights. Thanks!