Fastest tt set up for lightweight rider

hi - first time poster so go easy on me please :grinning:
been using zwift for a while now (level 40) and get on fine with it , i weigh 9st 10 but have my weight set at 10 st , this suits me fine as i think if i put real weight in i get penalised on the flats and downhill , rather make it a bit harder on hills so i have a fighting chance on flats
anyway - i am curious to know if being a lightweight i am put at a disadvantage on a tt bike ?
if i was to enter a tt , what set up would people advise ?
if i used the most aero wheels and frame that weigh a bit more - would my puny body be slower than if i used a less areo but lighter set up
thanks for any advise

You’d want the most aero of everything. You could probably even buy the Felt IA TT bike and the disk 808? wheel. That’s what I run in TTs.

Unless it’s bologna TT? I’m not sure what I’d recommend there.

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i didnt know if that was the case - or go lightweight wheel set that have good areo and weigh next to nothing . in my head , the bike weight makes a bigger difference percentage wise when the rider is lighter
ie - if rider is 100kg and bike 10kg bike is 10% extra weight
if rider is 50kg and bike 10kg bike is 20% extra weight
so maybe try and shed some bike weight - that was my logic

Probably depends on the course tempus fugit TT is so flat it wouldn’t matter if you slower on the bump.