Zwift Weight Average

Hey Zwifters,

I’ve been on Zwift now 6months, over the past 2 months and the purchase of smart trainer I’ve really got into Racing. Now established in Cat B, I’m averaging 3.8w/kg regular, so not too far away from Stepping upto Cat A at 4w/kg.

But even though pushing nearer the higher end of w/kg max in Cat B. I’m still nowhere near winning any of the Cat B races. Is it common to move up categories without winning? Seems odd I would move up without competing in the Cat I’m in. I think I need some pointers, I’ve watched some videos on when best to use PowerUps etc but it’s not making much difference. So I’ll welcome any advice you guys have.

I’ll usually push far more watts than most at approx 300w but I’m 79kg and the average in most races seems far lighter. The thought of having to push 350+watts to compete is sending my head into a spin! so I’m looking for other gains to compete.

Hi @Ashley_Chester_8616

You have 2 podiums and mostly top 10 results in the 13 races you have done. I would consider that to be very good. I take a bit of time to learn how to race where to reserve and where to push.


You’re too kind @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ, but those top 10 finishes are usually races with only few people racing. But I will often be caught out by hill finshes, so you have a point in studying race routes! I’ll give that a try.

How much do you find chosing the equipment for a race helps?, I’ll very rarely change a bike to suit a race.

Zwift racing is a fine art that podium winners have mastered (/absused) every trick in the book in order to do well.

Yes frame/wheels choice matters a lot and you should be changing based on the route, see here: Zwift Speed Tests: Frame Ranking Charts - Zwift Insider & Zwift Speed Tests: Wheel Ranking Charts - Zwift Insider

Your weight is actually a slight advantage once you reach the cat limits, heavier riders are faster than lighter riders riding at the same w/kg, so lighter people can’t overtake you without getting DQ’d for being above cat limits. (On hill climb finishes though light wins). Speed Tests: Steady w/kg Across Various Body Weights - Zwift Insider

Zwift racing follows a few simple rules: stay in the draft as long as possible (up to 30% less power required), know what the powerups do and when to use them for optimal benefit, and don’t get dropped. In the final 1-2km, expect pace to ramp up extremely high culminating in a 15-30sec all out sprint effort where the best man (with aero powerup) wins :wink:

Hill finishes are different, they are a pure w/kg test, which means you are 100% screwed vs ultra lightweight riders who can bypass the w/kg category limits due to their low raw FTP.

You can easily get promoted up a category without winning a single race in the prior cat, especially if you don’t know what ur doing >.<