Tempus Fugit time trial watts/watts pr kg result - what?

Is Zwift Time trials’s broken?

Okay so attended my first Time trial today.

Have looked at time trial results before I raced and thought “this does not make sense” even seen people on youtube comment on the same thing, even Alex Dowsett.

The winner rode 313 watts I rode 356 and the most of all competitors, got 7 place and was even 1:13min slower. Could clearly see other riders also being beaten by others with clearly lower watts. Its a flat route. Why are people Winning over others just by having higher watts pr kg?


If this is the case with all flat time trials then Heavier riders are just screwed
Sorry but this makes me mad😄

Heavier riders need to work harder on the flats as well. Rolling resistance goes up with weight.

Also it matter where you use your power, there is a slight climb you need to focus to go extra had on the climb and then you can relax a bit on the downhill.

More importantly than rolling resistance, aero resistance goes up with weight and also height, because zwift uses these parameters to determine the rider cross-section.

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Surely that’s not true on Zwift? Rolling resistance is just a function of surface type and wheels type (road bike vs gravel bike vs MTB), isn’t it? But the aero resistance can change as @_JamesA_ZSUNR points out.

Rolling resistance does increase with weight, but it’s a small part of the total resistance at racing speeds.

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Don’t forget frame and wheelset differences.

In the real world, your wallet buys faster frames and wheelsets. … just sayin’

Im 194cm 78.8kg so okay slim and Well not really THAT heavy.
Rode a 4 Star aero time trial frame, 4 Star aero time trial discs.

The numbers watts/watts kg are still Way to unfair. Used several tools on the internet Yesterday to determine needed watts to ride same distance for say 60kg and 80kg riders. The numbers are much closer everywhere and not nearly as brutal as Zwift applies.

You dont see Bernal beating Ganna on flats just because of more watts pr kg either.


either, in Real life huge difference

It’s your height, perhaps more than your weight in this case. Both contribute to aero resistance in zwift. I’m in a similar boat, 195 and 82.

I bet dollars to doughnuts that the internet tools you used did not consider the different aero resistance of differently sized riders. I accept here’s no perfect way to do this as body position matters so much, zwift has chosen a particular approach which won’t feel fair to everyone. I’m not defending the exact formula they use, I think it probably penalises weight and particularly height too much.

One reason why the treatment of height is particularly unfair is that it’s not accounted for in the category system. As a 300W rider gets heavier, they get slower and drop down through the cats. As they get taller, they just get slower and get beaten more.

“Cant include links in your post” to something in this forum regarding this subject🙄

This has been up before.

Interesting to me apparently others also feel its a problem :joy: besides I have raced before IRL and won a time trial so can compare to not just Zwift. Anyway I will just stay away from Time Trials in Zwift, too bad cause I like that stuff though.