Unlocking kit - how to get it (GTN SHIRT)

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Sorry i did a GTN group run where i was told i unlock a GTN shirt, WHICH I DID, according to zwift companion ect. I cant find it in the personalizing of my kit, where do i go to get this shirt?

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Are you accessing the Garage on the bike or run side?

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sorry i got the old simulator to work, its glitch ect. but i want toask where to go if you unlock kit (in this case a GTN shirt). I cant find it in the garage where you personalize your avatar, but where do i go. It did say i unlocked the shirt.

Are you accessing the Garage on the bike or run side?


on the run side, i would go into the game as i’m going to run, menu/garage/shirts, but its not there?

i unlocked it on a run challenge, could it be for cycling?

No, I believe it is a run jersey.

When was the event (I don’t do group events so I don’t pay attention).

it was at 18:30 SA time, GTN track and was 40 min, but also stated in the description that you get a shirt after completion and i saw on the zwift companion app that it shows the :gift: icon and if you click on it , states that a shirt was unlocked?

So it was today. It can take a little bit for jerseys to be awarded.

yes, a few hours ago, so should i wait? and it will appear later on?

It takes time so I suggest checking later, maybe tomorrow.

Thank you Paul, i really appreciate your assistance!!!

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