Where to get things i unlocked (shirts, ect)

Good Afternoon,

i cant find the item which i unlocked, where do i go? when i went to the garage it was not there and nothing was unlocked. I unlocked a GTN shirt (in the GTN Run) after a run last week. I was told that it may take some time to show, here i am the next week and still nothing. Where am i supposed to find these unlocked items?

kind regards

Hi @Ryan_Cullinan, those items will be in your “Garage” in the game. When you are riding, not in the route selection/world choice screen, click on the menu button in the lower left corner of the screen, and look for the icon that looks like a garage door. This is where you customize your avatar. The drop shop is also in the Garage, this is where you spend your drops to get new wheels and frames. The drop shop will be on the right side.

Note, you can’t change your bike or wheels while you are moving, you have to come to a complete stop to change bike frames and wheels. Clothing and other items can be changed while moving.

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