Drop shop bug after 1.18.0 update

When i go to drop shop browsing bikes without buying any my current bike in garage is changed the bike i have clicked in a drop shop. I hope this will fixed soon.

Just got myself a spanking new bike… :slight_smile:

And yes, you can also ride it:

Ride on!


What’s that?

A Diamondback S-works … sweet :rofl: :rofl:

Uhhh, kind of a substantial problem here. @shooj

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Looks like you can pretty much get any frame/wheel you like… :wink:

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Yup, free bikes!!! (Un)fortunately they don’t end up staying in your garage, so you lose them after the ride.

'cause its a buggy-bug? :rofl:

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This is the best bug of the lot! Love it. :rofl:

Love the new feature! Finally I can use all those fancy frames and wheels without cramming my garage! Thank you Zwift - keep up the great work! :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Who needs garage when you own the whole drop shop :rofl: :sunglasses:

To be a bit more accurate (at least from what I experienced) you automatically get the first frame or wheel of any brand you visit, whether it is locked or not, owned or not, have enough drops for it or not.

How to reproduce:

  • Start a ride
  • Go to your garage
  • Go to the dropshop (frames or wheels, doesn’t matter)
  • Select e.g. the brand FELT
  • Close your garage


  • Now i got the FELT AR (Unlockable at level 34) equipped, which is on top of the FELT item list. (I am level 12)
  • This works with every dropshop item which is on top of a brands item list.