New bikes in garage

Did everyone get the Zwift mountain bike in their garage, not the drop shop, after the latest update? Also, Zwift steel, is this frame new too? I dont change my bike frame much, so never noticed the steel bike.

See ZwiftInsider’s post on the new update and some of the things included - mountain bikes, gravel bikes, new world, etc. There is a Zwift MTB ADN Zwift Gravel Bike, if I recall correctly. These bikes all have wheel sets that cannot be changed at this time.

Yeah I did, it didn’t mention the zwift mtb was given to everyone. I’ve never been able to unlock it on repack ridge, also never saw the steel bike.

Before the drop shop the steel bike was a level 7 automatic unlock. Now it’s a level 7 unlock plus 142,000 drops. I guess most people didn’t notice it because better bikes such as the Specialized Allez are available earlier and for cheaper.

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