Unlocked Mountain Bike

This is my problem: I sent the email to zwift support. Do you know what happen?

I have a question for you. Today. I have finished unlocked mountain bike on Repack Ridge, but I can not find the bike in my garage. Definitely I got the 9.5point the course after I have finished it and I have seen the message that you have unlocked the mountain bike. However I can’t find it. It was very hard for me. I had tried many times. Please help me that to find my bike.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We’ve received your email and look forward to speaking with you! Unfortunately, due to our high volume our response may be delayed but we will definitely get back to as quickly as we can.

In the meantime, have you checked out our Community Forums (https://forums.zwift.com/)? Your question might already have an answer there!

We look forward to connecting and thank you for your patience!

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Hi @Sam_Kim1, welcome to the forums.

The Zwift mountain bike was “given” to everyone late last year I think when they released the other new mountain bike models and the gravel bikes. It should be in your garage already and you didn’t need to win it, please note that you must stop moving (0 watts) in order to change bikes when riding. Also, make sure you aren’t looking in the drop shop, you won’t find it there since it is already in your garage.


I know that I have already gotten the mountain bike, but it was only 1star ; aero,weight both. However, zwift insiders have been seen that mountain bike has 3stars in aero and 4stars in weight, and it is not same my bike ratings. As you know I got 1 star mountain bike, even though I have unlocked the mountain with 9.5point. Do you know why?

Can you post a link to the Zwift insider review.

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All the mountain bikes are 1 star for both I think. My Scott spark and Specialized epic are also 1 star.

Edit: just confirmed in the drop shop all the MTBs are 1 star for both.

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It’s the wheels that is 3 Stars Aero & 4 stars Weight and not the bike unfortunately. Perhaps check your wheels garage and see if you have this set of mountain bike wheels. If not then the bike is probably already equipped with these wheels.

For what it’s worth