what bikes have you unlocked?

(Scott LaFountain) #1

I am still new and getting ready to do my third ride today. What bikes have you unlocked? What did you have to do to unlock them? I can’t wait to change from the stock white color to black or carbon.

(Allan Watkins) #2

Almost 1000 miles in and about halfway to level 13, I’ve got the standard zwift carbon bike and a zwift steel frame, but I’ve got a ton of cool wheels to play with :slight_smile:

(Chris Jones) #3

I am on the classic steel frame right now. I know they will be adding more in the future and have partnered with Pinarello. If the need someone to ride an Evo with Ted King, let me know. :wink:

(Vincent Beggs) #4

First bike upgrade is at level 7 (7000 points) for a classic steel bike. It’s what I ride now.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #5

Does anyone have a mapping from Zwift points to bike miles … especially for level 11,12,13 …

(Allan Watkins) #6

Well heck, I do have the aero frame at level 13, I’m halfway into 13 not halfway TO 13. I’m silly.

(Chris Heng) #7

Didnt expect to get a upgrade of classic steel bike at level 7. maybe i should try it out.

(Jeff Doughty PVC WBR (B)) #8

I am about to reach level 7… I am curious. Do any of these bike upgrades and wheel upgrades do anything for performance? Or are they completely aesthetic?

(Allan Watkins) #9

I think it’s all aesthetic.

At 14 you get a disc wheel.
At 15 you get a new kit that has “15” on the back.