Level Unlocks for Frames & Wheels

Can anyone figure out the rationale behind the level requirements for various frames and wheels? Take the Cannondale System Six, for instance, which requires level 27, but is only 9th on the ZwiftInsider list of Zwift’s 9 Fastest Bike Frames? Six of the frames that outperform the System Six are unlocked at a lower level. The Pinarello Dogma F10 isn’t unlocked until level 39, and it doesn’t even appear on the list (or on the climbing list). So, the level requirements aren’t performance-related. Are they just completely random?

I think they are random.
I agree, it makes no sense.

Could very well be random. Might be $$$ related in terms of advertising placement? or someone at Zwift messing with all of us :smile:

The higher level the unlock, the less money Zwift got from the manufacturer, you mean?

I’m not sure. I’m only guessing. Maybe they all pay a flat rate and Zwift decides how/when to unlock it? My thought is why would Zwift want to provide free advertising for bike brands and such. At the end of the day, Zwift is a business with the goal of making money.

Also, you cannot look only at the unlock level only, you have to also compare the number of Drops (wow… that sounds so ridiculous :joy:) I have not taken a complete look at the complete bike unlock listing (level and drops), but is there any relation to real world bike price and unlock difficulty?

Well, if we really want to make Zwift similar to real life, then in addition to leveling up and spending our hard earned drops on a new bike, there will need to be a Zwift Spouse and we have to justify our purchases or risk not be spoken to for a certain number of days based on the price of the new frame that we are sure will make us faster.