What's the 14th Bike to Unlock?

hey everybody,

i have 13 out of 14 bikes unlocked. i checked ZwiftInsider.com and TitatniumGeek. they both have just 13 bikes listed (these are the 13 i have unlocked).

Does anyone know what that 14th bike is and how to unlock it?


Could be the Specialized Shiv.

Paul, you’re probably right. although after joining the triathlon mission there are 15 total bikes. i still have one locked. the added bike is the “Specialized Shiv 2018”.

Below is the list of bikes i have in the order they appear.

canyon aeroad
cervelo s5
parlee esx
specialized allez
specialized tarmac
trek madone
trek emonda
pinarello f8
specialized shiv 2018
zwift concept z1
zwift aero
zwift carbon
zwift steel
zwift tt

Could be one that was only available during the beta days. You could try PMing Eric C. or Vincent to see if they have an answer since they have yet to chime in on this thread.

I do remember using a TT bike last year for the Kona challenge and it was not available to keep afterwards. I beleive it was a Diamondback, could the empty slot just be a place holder for bikes like that.

bufflo bike ?

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