Only Zwift TT counts as TT bike for races

(Tom) #1

SZR iTT race today. I was riding a Shiv disc prior to entering the pen, and was automatically switched to the Zwift TT for the race. I tried to manually switch back but was locked onto the Zwift TT.
Everyone else in the race was also on Zwift TT so I assume this happened to all people who tried to use other TT bikes.

(victor) #2

yeah i had exactly the same issue today when entering a TT race
seriously dissapointed that i couldnt use my shiv disc , realy feels like a waste of drops at this point why wouldnt you be allowed to ride a TT in TT race it had me rage quit

(Vincent) #3

Hey all, right now we’re only able to assign a specific TT bike to an even and not just limit to TT Bikes in general. So by default everyone will be riding the Zwift TT. We’ll let you know if we have an update on this!

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #4

I’m pretty sure you’re still able to customise the wheels though so as a lucky owner of the Super 9 Inwas able to use that.

(Steve Baker ) #5

Same happened to me. What a waste of a million drops. Zwift are you deliberately trying to upset all your customers? Something else that should of been sorted before releasing a new update.

(Johnathan) #6

Sounds like the code was written with a view narrow scope with no thoughts of the future. I’m sure there are many things on the Zwift project board with this similar problem, that will need to be addressed sooner than later. I wish you all the best of luck!

(Jari) #7

Please fix this or at least alert folks of this issue before they spend 700k+ drops on some of the TT bikes.