TT race bike setup - not equal

I did my TT bike race the other day and tried to change my wheels. There were already several people in the pens with the 808/disc combo so I thought it would be a simple change. (Everyone was already clearly locked into using the Shiv Disc frame). No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t change my wheels from what I assume was the rovals (contrast wasn’t optimised so I couldn’t really see them).
Worse than me, it looked like some poor bloke was forced into using the Zipp 202’s!
Not sure if this is a known issue, but quite annoying for the 1%'ers like me.

The option should open up when you stop pedaling for a few seconds.

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As Zee said you can’t change wheels or your bike while pedaling, your power number had to go to 0 before bike and wheel options become active.

I get the reason while ‘in-game’ and moving. But surely when I’m in the pens waiting for an event to start I should be able to switch things around while peddling to warm up.
Will know for next time, thanks