Fast is Fun Time Trial wheel selection

I did one of the Fast is Fun time trials this morning. While it was possible to change the bike frame it appears that the wheel selection was fixed to the Zwift Supersonic wheels. In the pre race chat it seems like a few other people had the same issue but looking at the start line there were other people who were able to disc wheels. Was having the wheels locked to the Supersonic wheels intentional? If so, why were other people able to change their wheels?

While I am here a couple of more whines. I had to restart Zwift 4 times. The first time the Join Event button did not appear, the second time on the sensor pairing screen my sensors were picked up but after clicking OK to continue the searching for new sensors screen appeared and it was stuck searching. Clicking OK did not help. I was stuck on that screen. Only on the third time I was able to join the event where I had the wheel selection issue so I quit and restarted Zwift for the fourth time. On the fourth time I setup the TT bike and disc wheels before joining the event but the wheels were swapped with the Zwift Supersonics. By that point I had lost the will to try anything else. A day of classic Zwift buginess.

The description says use any tt bike but the wheel choice is stuck with slow wheels. The disc makes a huge difference on this course. I didn’t see them in my garage but I didn’t really search or care if I get them or not. They are anything but supersonic.