Fast Is Fun event unlocks

So, completed a Fast Is Fun workout today and received an email saying I had unlocked the kit and wheels, but no wheels in my garage. The kit is there and the unlock banner came up for that at the end of the ride, but nothing about the wheels. Anyone else had the same issue?

From what I have heard you should have just unlocked the kit. The wheels are unlocked by completing a race or the ven-top challenge.

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That’s not what the email for the event says, but I suspected something like that.

All that fun deserves some fresh unlocks. Complete any event in the series, and you’ll score two exclusive unlocks to mark your achievements: the Supersonic Wheels and Supersonic Jersey!

I got the same email saying I should have a jersey and wheels for completing the workout, but no wheels

Same here, kit but no wheels.

Zwift isn’t famed for it’s communications.
Thankfully, Zwift Insider is doing a great job filling in the gaps:
Zwift Insider - Fun Is Fast series


Complete a group ride (including Women’s Wednesday Rides, podcast rides, and group workouts) to unlock the new Supersonic Jersey.

Complete a Ven-Top Challenge event, Race, or France Fondo to unlock the new Supersonic Wheels!

Both unlocks can be seen in the image above. The wheels appear to be a re-skinned version of the Zwift 50mm carbon wheels, but we’ll need to test to confirm."

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Perfect thanks Tim!

Update: received email with the wheels unlocked and in garage. Verified that I do have wheels now.

Yep, have just received the same email and wheels are in my garage … Ride On!

Hi Oliver