Stuck on Zwift stock wheels

Hey Zwifters :slight_smile:

I have a very nasty issue that doesn’t allow me to use any wheels other that the stock Zwift wheels.
This issue happens on one particular event only and very sadly it’s one of our Club rides. The event is our “LEQP Provence Badge Hunter Series” Sunday mornings 8:30 CEST - I can’t post a link to the event, but the event ID is: 3856649
Our other Club ride on Wednesday is fine.
The issue persists already for about half a year and stayed since multiple Zwift versions.

On this particular event we had enforced a gravel bike for a single ride and since that ride I’m not able to choose any wheels anymore. I can still select any road frame I want, but no matter which wheelset I choose it just stays on the stock ones. I have taken some screenshots as well (see attached) which show a different wheelset selected, but ones on the bike in the garage and in game stay. I tried selecting different bikes/wheels before and on the event, but nothing changes. If I ride with any wheelset selected they are back on the bike the moment the event ends, but during the event they are the stock ones.
I’m not the only one who is facing this issue, I know we had more facing it, btu I’m unsure if anyone got it resolved (I might have to double check on that during a ride).

This is very annoying as I’m often sweeping on our rides and I’d like to ride my trusty aero setup and don’t like to switch to the Tron bike every time.

Did anyone else had such an issue before or has any idea how I could resolve it?

My Zwift setup:

  • AppleTV 4k 2nd Gen (latest OS update)
  • Wahoo Kickr v5
  • BlueLeza HR Strap

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Hi @Michael_Wameling

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. This event hast custom wheel overrides in place, which was the way this event was set up initially. If you are the one that organized that event - contact the Events team ( and ask to have the selected wheelset removed.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll ask our oganizing team to contact the event team.

The issue was resolved by the Events team and we’re free to choose wheels again. Thanks a lot for the help @shooj Shuji

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