Why does Zwift even offer multiple gravel frames/wheelsets?

It appears that ToW Stage 4 only allows you to select the Zwift gravel frame and Zwift gravel wheelset.

Surely, someone at Zwift must be aware that they offer multiple gravel frames and wheelsets?!?

I think they configured it that way so that people don’t show up with road or TT bikes.

They could have configured it to require a gravel bike. They didn’t have to configure it to require their gravel bike.

I suppose it’s only like when other events are locked to certain bikes.

Obviously they’re paying for the privilege but given this is a Zwift event it’s their right to lock you to a Zwift bike.

I never even noticed.

I can’t decide which is my favourite comment; the one by Andrew Hughes or the one by Milian89.


and if they changed the surface to be more like Cadillac gravel then why didn’t they remove all the dust clouds! So annoying!


but surely that’s upto the user to decide, if I want to use a TT or normal bike I should be able to and not be forced into something else, was a road bike enforced on previous stages?

I agree Rich. But then we have to deal with all the complaints about the bike (Road and TT) being slower. I think it is fun seeing people on road bike in the Jungle. LOL

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Cant we just put the jungle back to a normal road surface and then we can watch how many people actually use that area again.

Top zwifting tbf, Spend 6 months designing & building this area, release it to much excitement, get fairly positive feedback, change the road surface and watch the numbers dwindle away.


The trouble is, a lot of users aren’t going to notice they’re on a gravel bike (given how much it looks like a road bike), and so will be confused why it seems so much harder next time in the Jungle on their road bikes.

I thought my question was clear, but people seem to be dead set on answering a different one.

The question is not, “Why does ToW Stage 4 lock in the Zwift gravel bike and wheels?”

The question is, “Why even bother offering different gravel equipment options if they can’t be used in a gravel event?”

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No having different surfaces makes it interesting and fun.

Not all gravel events lock the bike choice. For now it only look like the ToW is doing it.

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Really… I must be missing something then


Name an equally significant gravel event.

Or, even looking at percentages, with a ToW Stage 4 event every hour, what percentage of gravel events lock you to Zwift gravel frame & wheels?


Tour de Zwift didnt lock the bike choice a few months ago, and that was before all the new frames and wheels were introduced.

Doesn’t make much sense that they locked it this time.


Oh, but it does. They annoy more people this way!

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Eric S’s take on the new gravel surface. Interesting that this surface is only for ToW so far. Presumably it might become a permanent feature of the Jungle? Which sounds like it will speed it up for road bikes compared to the current Jungle surface?

i feel like the jungle circuits would be used a lot more in zwift events if they were paved. the scenery is nice, as far as zwift scenery goes, and the terrain is useful for over/unders

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