Bluetooth XR problems

Hi Gerrie, I know it’s another topic. I have read that you had Bluetooth problems with your elite xr trainer, could you tell me how you solved it? Thank you

Hi @Victor_Llacer

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I don’t have a elite XR trainer. But we can try to help solve your problem. Can you tell us more about your system?

thanks gerrie. My problem is that since I updated zwift, although my tablet detects Bluetooth, I cannot link it to zwift. I have deprived everything. Before, I turned on the application first and then the elite xr and it recognized it. but now nothing

Hi Victor, you need to remove the sensors form the tablet devices as well as all other devices near by. bluetooth can only connect to one application at a time.

Then open Zwift and start pedaling to wakeup the devices, while pedaling go to the pairing screen and unpair and then re pair the elite XR

thanks gerrie, unfortunately that’s not my problem. my tablet detects my trainer but to be able to associate it it asks me to do it through the zwift application and it only recognizes ant+ maybe if there was a way to go back to a previous update I would be able to link them

I don’t understand this.

Do you pair the trainer to the Tablet with Zwift closed?

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Good morning Gerrie at the end I found the problem. You have to give gps permission to the zwift app. Thank you very much for your kindness