Lightweight meilenstein wheelset

First time I post on this forum.
Today I finished stage 3, Long route on Quatch Quest in Watopia.
On the top of Alpe du Zwift I finally won the Lightweight meilenstein wheelset. Happy for that, BUT i cant find the wheelset anywhere?? Not in the garage either. Any suggestions for me😀
Thank you!
Refards Kai (Norway)

When you are on the tron bike you can’t select the Meilenstein wheelset. Select a different frame, then you should find your Meilensteins in your garage.

Hi. Thank you for answering. I have tried to change bike, but anyway the wheelset isnt in “wheelbox” in my garage. So i cant choose It.

The tv screen, when i finishen at the top, and the companionapp showed/shows that I got It, but Not the garage.

what frame have you got selected in your garage?

I tried with Specialized Tarmac😊

how many wheelsets are showing under wheels?

I’ve got four wheelset.

try closing the program and restarting, it may take a bit to get in there.

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Hi. Ok, I will try that tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face: I let you know then, if It works. Thanks, so far :hugs:

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