Can't find the wheels

I won the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels yesterday,but I can’t find them anywhere. Where do I pick up the wheels? I have looked in the garage and the drop shop.

They will be in your garage, not the drop shop. What frame are you using? Not all frames can have the light wheels.

Your ride might not have saved properly in which case you may have lost them.

the ride was saved as normal. I use cervelo s3d and Cannondale evo.


lør. 13. jun. 2020 kl. 04:35 skrev Ben via Zwift Forums <>:

Hey @Roy_Lovland, sorry for the trouble there. I looked at your workout from the 10th, and it appears that your Zwift account was logged in on multiple devices simultaneously; an iPad and a PC. This caused the in-game progress from that ride to be overwritten, including the item unlock.

While we aren’t able to recover all of the stats from that session, I’ve gone ahead and sent a request up to the team to get the Lightweight Meilenstein wheelset added back to your account. I know you’ve earned them! :slight_smile:



I probably was logged on on an I pad, while riding on a pc, yes


lør. 13. jun. 2020 kl. 11:46 skrev Forrest B. via Zwift Forums <>: