Unlocked item missing

Hi all…allowed me to introduce myself…I’m M.Khor (name in zwift) from malaysia…I rode road to sky up to alpe du zwift peak yesterday (25/4/2020) and unlocked lightweight meilenstein wheelset…I saved and logged out…unfortunately today (26/4/2020) when I logged in, my wheelset missing…I reconfirm is my data really saved by looking into zwift companion and it is saved…but how come the item I unlocked went missing? Any encounter this problem before?

Yes, I unlocked a helmet today, companion app says congratulations, but no helmet in my garage.

Hi @Billy_Blair, what device do you use for Zwift, is it possible that you have logged in on numerous devices? Log out and force close all Zwift apps if that is the case. When you go back in, hopefully the helmet will appear.


Hi @Michael_Khor, what frame do you have chosen in the game? Not all frames can change wheels (gravel and mountain bikes for example), so maybe you just need to choose a different frame for the lightweight wheels to show up?

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