Don't see Melienstein wheels unlock after Alpe du Zwift stage

hello everyone, Yesterday, after cycling the “Alpe du Zwift ”stage, I was prompted to unlock new equipment, but I did not see it in my personal inventory. May I ask if there is a related bug or if the unlocking conditions have not been met

Congrats, you’ve unlocked some good climbing wheels there.

Is there a chance that you were logged in to Zwift on more than one device? Because that can cause this sort of problem.

Get in touch with Zwift support (use the chatbot and keep telling it that its suggestions don’t help) and they might be able to help.

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Indeed, I will check the schedule on another computer and forget to exit zwift
and Email submission failed :sob:
Is there any other way to contact support


After I sent an email to support, they helped me solve the problem, and I also appreciate your help!

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