Lightweight wheels not appear in my garage

I completed Tour of fire and Ice, from the wheel of fortune i unlocked the lightweight wheelset but it didn’t appear in my garage. I don’t see any prize on the Zwift companion app as well. Im very sure i completed the loop and ended my ride before Jungle. I have a screenshot as well to proof that i unlocked the wheelset


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Hi @Nicholas_Tiong, what bike frame do you have selected? Some might not let you select different wheels.

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Hi Mike, I tried Zwift carbon and zwift TT, don’t see the lightweight wheels

Are you looking in the garage or drop shop? Post a screen shot if you can.

IMG_8452 IMG_8451


Well they should be in the garage, not the drop shop. I just confirmed that you can equip them on the Zwift carbon frame.

yeah, i believe they should be in the garage too but it’s not there.
Strange thing is that zwift companion app isn’t showing the wheels or other prize there for this ride, and im very certain i got the wheels from the spin.