The Alpe Dash - Gifts


Just made the Alpe Dash during the Alpe Dash By Herd Racing.
I won the LightWeight Meilenstein at the top of the mountain, but I can’t find the in my inventory?
Do I need a special Bike?
Gift doesn’t function during a criterium??

See Ya & Ride On

some bikes don’t let you change the wheels, like gravel bikes, mountain bikes and the tron bike. If you have one of those selected you won’t be able to change wheels. What frame do you have?
Also, make sure you are looking in the garage not the drop shop.

Got the Factor One.
And I checked again, in the garage there is no wheels :confused: like if I didn’t won it !
Thanks for your answer

I see that you got it on the activity in the companion app, if you aren’t seeing it in your garage (not the drop shop, make sure you are looking in the garage on the left side of the screen) then maybe try contacting Zwift support?

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Thank u mike !
How can i contact the support ?
Thanks For all!!

This should help: