Lightweight Wheels gone from garage after update?

I won my Lightweight wheels last week on the Alpe and now suddenly they’ve been erased from my garage - please fix Zwift!

Mine are still there, make sure you are looking in the “garage” on the left side and not the drop shop on the right side of the menu. Also, if you have a gravel bike or MTB, or the tron bike selected as the frame you can’t change wheels.

What @Mike_Rowe1 said …

Having said that …

The Roval Alpinist CLX wheels from last release but one have all but made the Mallensteins obsolete being faster up climbs and on the flat .

Check out the new results:

  • Lightweight Meilenstein wheels are 3s faster, putting them on par with the Roval Alpinist wheels which turn in the same climb time and are 0.5s slower on the flat test.