Lightweight meilenstein

Hi - just wondered how many times up the Alpe it took for you to win the LIGHTWEIGHT MEILENSTEIN?!


Lucky boy here - 7 :grinning:

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4 times
Got it on Silvester Night 2018. Almost missed the party cause of it :smiley:

They’re really not worth it. I don’t use them anymore even on big climbs like AdZ.
My Zipp 454 are a more allround option.
Maybe they’re like 2 sec faster up the Alpe, but you don’t really care for it after >60mins of pain. :rofl:

I just won the Meilensteins yesterday on my 7th trip up. The extra 1000 XP bonus one receives when winning the wheels on additional trips up ADZ is a major bonus.

Thanks folks! 4th time today (3 in 3 consecutive days)!


Same here.
Got the wheels on my 12th trip up.
Never use them now.
I prefer the 454’s.
Funny, after winning the wheels, I started “winning” them every 3rd trip up or so.
Subsequent winnings give you a large XP bonus so I like that better than the wheels.

Thanks - really helpful - I’ve seen them mentioned in so many race route tips - really good to know!


Have you seen the Zwiftinsider scatter plots for frames and wheels?

Ha - I hadn’t! Can’t believe I’m level 40 something with a tron and don’t know this stuff! Lockdown has piqued my interest! Many thanks!