Bring back the super9 disc but make it only available for TT bikes

When the drop shop first rolled out the 808/Super9 disc wheelset was available to buy. Zwift must have released it in error as the wheelset was quickly removed from the drop shop but some users are still able to select it in their garage (ios users only maybe?). Did Zwift ever repay the drops for those who bought the wheelset and then had it taken away again?

Why not re-release the wheelset but make it only available on time trial bikes? This would match the real world where disc wheels are not permitted in mass start races but may only be used in time trials. This way you don’t have everyone riding a disc wheel on road bikes (which would look silly) and people on TT bikes could have rear disc wheels (equally there is something silly looking about a TT bike without a disc wheel in my opinion).

What really looks silly is a glowing bike…but nobody care about it, because it’s fast.
So nobody care about the look of a disc on a normal road bike, because it’s fast.


The people who were able to buy the 808/Super9 can use it on any platform and as far as I know no one had it taken away.

Indeed, i bought it right away and still have it.

It is BACK!
Much more expensive as I guessed.

I saw a special disc today as I rode around Watopia.
It had lights covering its surface. I only saw it stationary so I
don’t know what it looks like whilst moving.

Has anyone else seen this wheel?
How do you obtain it?

Looked cool if you are into that sort of thing.

“Ride On”

It’s brand new 858/900

Level 45

1.5 million drops!

I got it yesterday

Cheers Zee, thanks for the reply.
They look very nice.

I’ve got the drops… I just need someone to go into the shop
and buy them for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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