808/Super9 DISC not in Drop Shop anymore

Yesterday the ZIPP 808/Super9 DISC where in my Drop Shop (I’m level 50 with 200000+ drops).
Wanted to buy them today…damn, gone ;(
Understood other users have the same issue.
Please bring them back.

yes please bring it back!!


please bring back the disc wheel! its not fair that some ppl got the disc while some missed out because you took it away.


did they take the disc off the shop? :frowning:

Same for me.

I assume it was an error and those are maybe supposed to be the closed beta perk they always have been.

If they have removed it again, I guess they’re remove it from anyone who has already purchased. For a full refund, of course.

I purchased it yesterday and I just check it’s still equipped :sunglasses:

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Thanks for checking an sharing Paul. I hope to equip them soon as well :sunglasses:

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Meh. Well that’s great for you, but rather unfair.

I probably would have got the disc once I’d had a chance to properly review what’s available.

I hope they’ll add a different disc wheel for us peons. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just purchased mine on my iPhone minutes ago. For some reason it wasn’t available on my mac today (I did see it yesterday there…) Now that it is purchased, I can equip it on my mac and now it does show up in the shop… weird. Both were running the latest version.

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Yep, I also purchased the 808/Super9 on my iPhone and was able to use them on my PC.

Apparently a bug and they will be back.

Still available on iOS. I charged up an old iPad I haven’t used in a year and bagged one just in case…


bought it on ipad like others stated but when I logged in on my mac my super9 turned into zwift carbon 808 combo lulz.

checked it on pc and same issue. haha!


Did you try re-equipping it on the iOS device?

Just checked my Ipad and its not on my account anymore. I don’t have sufficient drops to repurchase it. sucks.

I wished i’d checked this post before i did the same thing. So many drops wasted! :cry:

That is a pretty sweet combo :grin:

Checked earlier today after the software update and they’re gone for me too.
Really wanted to buy em!

Please bring em back! Pretty please…

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I’ve noticed that that stats for the wheels on PC vs iOS are different as well. on PC it’s 4/1 (aero/weight) and on iOS it’s 4/4. Most of the Zipp wheels show up as 4/4 actually.

i’m betthing this has something to do with the update on pc last night (taking away the disks) and apple having to approve the update on ios devices. there’s always a gap where pc (and probably mac since it doesn’t go through itunes) has an update first, and then ios devices get it later after apple approves.

my guess is the disks weren’t meant to be available at all, and they taking them away from us. :expressionless:

iOS is usually a day-or-so behind on updates, that’s why.