808/Super9 DISC not in Drop Shop anymore

(Aaron) #21

The 808/Super 9 is still on Apple TV. I purchased and equipped it. :hugs:

(V) #22

Zwift please bring back the 808/Super9 in the Drop Shop.

As long as it proves to be the fastest wheelset still, I believe it is only fair to make it accessible to everyone - be it beta-testers who got it for free, or new players who could spend DP on it. Please, please please, with a sugar on top. Thank you.

(Bill) #23

I purchased them twice now, both times on my iPhone. The first time when I went onto Zwift on my Mac they had completely disappeared along with the Drops used to purchase. Scared to login again on the Mac it may disappear on me along with my drops. :frowning:

(Marko) #24

The Zwiftaholic account on twitter says:

Selective sales only. You need to have raced at least 300 Zwift races and have power data over 600w for a minute. I love mine BTW.

Wondering if this person is a troll.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #25

That is incorrect, I was able to purchase (and still have equipped) the 808/super9 and I have never done a single race.

(Marko) #26

I’m starting to wonder if Zwift made a deal with apple on this wheelset. All my friends on apple have access to it but it doesn’t show up in Android.

(V) #27

Alright, the 808/Super9 wheelset has been officially established as THE FASTEST WHEELSET on flat and mixed courses:

At this point Zwift really should put it back in the Drop Shop to keep things fair.

(Vincent) #28

Please bring the 808/super9 back. It is a long haul to the Zipp 858s… level 37. Tron bike will happen before that happens.

(Len) #29

Please bring the 808/super9 back :neutral_face: equal opportunities for everyone

(Eric) #30

Zwift support team, I used my drop to purchase a set of 808/super9 wheels via iPhone platform, now when I log in again, the wheel set is not available anymore and the system took away the drop I “purchased” for the wheels, is there a system error or will I get my drop back? Thank you

(Gerald) #31

Have the same issue…

(Silas ) #32

Same… purchase a couple days ago… saw them yesterday but now they are gone from my garage. I still see them for sale, but I am out the 275,600 drops I spent the first go around.

(Daniel) #33

I’ve purchased twice now. Lost drops and still not in my garage :frowning: up for purchase again but down want to waste any more drops! :sob:

(Steven) #34

I read a compelling argument for bringing back the aero disc wheel, and that is (aside from the special status applied to early Beta adopters) is that Zwift shouldn’t be in the practice of deciding who should or shouldn’t benefit from the piece of tech, regardless as to whether they were early users or not.

If you really want to give the Beta people their due then give them something like a golden disc and make it flashy, but don’t be in the business of giving one set of users some tech advantage that you aren’t going to give anyone else the opportunity to have.

Doing what they’ve done now (assuming disc release was a complete error) is to continue to decide winners and losers…and that’s not what the ‘game’ should be about.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #35

It’s not just beta tester who have the disc wheels anymore. They were available for purchase (and still might be in iOS). I am not a beta tester and I was able to buy them using iOS the day Drops got released and I and equip them on other bikes using my PC.

FYI, I may be a forum admin (Watopia Wayfinder), but that gives me no increase in status or additional buying power in-game in case someone was going to try and use that as an excuse why I was able to get them.

(Vincent) #36

Hey everyone that bought the Super9 DISC and no longer see them in their inventory: please send in a support inquiry as we are investigating all of these cases. Thank you!

@Daniel_Nicholls @Silas_Swaim_CRYO-GEN @Gerald_Treiber_Pack @Eric_Law_SASCC

Drop shop - Bought the disc wheelset but can't find it
(Silas ) #37

Done! Thanks @Vincent_Williams1

(Eric) #38

Thank you! Done

(Gerald) #39

Done, happened also to my Specialized Shiv S-Works

(Steven) #40

You say ‘everyone that bought the Super9 disc’ and no longer see them.

What about people who aren’t seeing the option to buy them? Are you saying that everyone should have the option to buy in the drop shop?