808/Super9 DISC not in Drop Shop anymore

(Vincent) #41

No they are not in the shop at this moment.

(Eric) #42

Why did they took them out?? I was waiting for the test report before I spend my precious drop. I bought the specialzed shiv disk, just missing the zipp disk wheel. When will they be back?

(Daniel) #43

Thanks I’ve just put my ticket in. @Vincent_Williams1

(T) #44

Zwift, can you please provide a meaningful response to the issue? Are Disk Wheels intended to be released in the drop shop going forward or are they to remain a beta perk? I think most people are happy to wait while the issue is resolved however the responses to date are very unclear

(Vincent) #45

Hey @T_Sudz_STNGR I can understand how vague the responses sound! What I can say is that although the Super9 is no longer in the shop, we are very aware of the requests for it to be placed back. That’s all I can say unfortunately! @Eric_Laquerre_CLS

(T) #46

:slight_smile: haha thank you. I shall respond in kind with this makes me happy sad.

(Steven) #47

Yeah, vague about covers it.

When are we going to get a straight answer from you guys? It appears in IOS for some users but not for others? You won’t respond to questions about what’s going on with it.

Here’s some plain questions - Did you guys intend to release the Super9 disc in the shop?

Are you going to honor purchases made by people who lost drops to buy them?

If not are you going to refund drops to those you took them away from?

Are you going to allow anyone who was recently able to purchase the Super9 to keep it?

Maybe if you all just answer honestly instead of all this skirting the issue people would be able to come away with some idea of what to expect.

My suspicion is that release of the Super9 was an accident although IDK how on earth that would happen in an environment where any changes to the program would be thoroughly tested. It is beyond me now that we can’t get a reasonbly honest answer out of you guys, this was your mistake, we had nothing to do with it.

I would also bet that everyone who bought one will get it taken away and perhaps have their drops replaced, but who knows. Some people have purchased them twice and still don’t have them.

It would seem more expedient to just release the Super9 for purchase and be done with it, as I said before it might seem nice for early beta adopters to have the Super9 but it’s tough to get behind that decision when it’s a piece of tech that can favor one cyclist over another. I don’t think Zwift should be in the business of picking winners and losers…tbh.

(_) #48

Strange toxic culture at Zwift HQ indeed. This was a minor lapse in consumerism and was dealt with very poorly. Simple communication efforts lack existence.

(T) #49

It’s a very odd design decision to have the Super9 only available to beta testers. A large part of Zwifts marketing is aimed at triathletes, who loveeee TT bikes and wheels. If you want to acknowledge those who contributed to beta testing, give them a kit or a special zwift bike. I really like the drop shop and it adds what I felt was missing especially after the price hike. The disk is only thing still bugging me, which is weird coz it’s so easy to fix.

It’s so easy to fix in fact, that it was fixed by accident (a system bug), but then mistakingly corrected by a human.

(Steven) #50

I got the email response back, looks like I was right, it was a mistake from the beginning and if Zwift gets their way they’ll take back all the Super9 wheels from anyone who isn’t an original beta user.

Can’t believe that a feature (already coded mind you) is so hard to get in to the general population.

I knew this is how it would turn out. BOOOO!!! to Zwift.

Steve A

Hi Steven,

Thanks for reaching out to Zwift!

The Zipp 808/Super 9 wheelset is not available at this time, sorry for any inconvenience! Not to worry, we’ve heard from up the chain that they will be making a return. There’s no ETA at this time though, so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach back out if you have any other questions or concerns.

*Ride On. *

Terry C
Customer Experience Agent

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #51

Unless you didn’t post the entire message I don’t see anything about Zwift taking the 808/Super9 away from anyone that was able to purchase it.

(Steven) #52

Paul…how does that look like anything but a complete email?

Further, if you add up the commentary from above (re people paid and sometimes twice) then the logical conclusion, as they have done for countless who did purchase and then found a zwift carbon on the back of their bikes, would be that they are going to withdraw / refund the accidental Super9 discs that got out there.

I don’t really think it’s going to get much clearer than that. If they figure out that you have one, and they will, they’ll take it away (if they haven’t already) and then refund your drops.

It would be a major bit of discrimination to not take back the ones that leaked out, a major policy error if you will. Anyone who figured out that some people were shown preferential treatment, even by accident, would be griping to Zwift, basically like we are right now about how the beta users got a piece of performance tech they’re not offering to the general population!

I mean really, if the news was anything good Zwift would be crowing about it. And since the responses have been vague and for the most part nothing but silence, we know where this is going.

When you want to take something away from people, the technique for achieving this is to do it as quietly as possible with as close to zero disclosure, or during some other large scale distraction.


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #53

You are making some very big assumptions, no where has Zwift said that they will take away any equipment (including the 808/Super9) from Zwifters that have purchased it with Drops. I get that you are mad that you didn’t get them and that Zwift said they made a mistake of sorts in releasing them, but please try and stick to the facts and not spread misinformation.

Zwift is fully aware that I have the 808/Super9 that I purchased with Drops and they have no taken them away or have said that they will in the future.

What would be the purpose of taking the 808/Super9 away from me? I don’t do group rides or races, I ride solo on a TT bike since I started Zwift over 3 years ago.

If the 808/Super9 are in any way an advantage in races then Zwift could prevent them from being used during them.

(Ricky) #54

And you interpret this to mean that they will surreptitiously take them away from people that bought them? :thinking:

(V) #55

Zwift on PC just got updated from 1.0.34042 to 1.0.34044.
I was hoping for the return of 808/Super9.


(Eric) #56

Same here

(T) #57

Hahaha same. Pretty poor from zwift but they are only pixels on a screen

(Ben Fricker) #58

You all read the zwiftinsiders article, right?

The 5 wheelsets above are separated by only 4 seconds on a ~35 minute lap of the Volcano Climb route at 300 watts with a 75kg rider. That’s a slim margin–one that wouldn’t even be noticeable in the midst of a race that involves drafting, accelerations, etc.

So just take the Zipp 808. You won’t feel a difference.

(T) #59

I don’t really care for the performance gains, just would prefer to rock a disk while training. Completely for visual aesthetics. Same reason I change sock height depending on my mood.

Hence I don’t really care, just a preference :slight_smile:

(Steven) #60

Paul, I’m only upset that it’s been bungled on the part of Zwift. If you got them that’s fine, but in a week or two it won’t matter to me because I’ll be outside and won’t return to zwift until November, if then.

I’m only basing my assumptions on what I’ve seen reported above. When people have reported that they purchased a Super9 and in some cases twice, yet the wheel has vanished, then it’s not unreasonable to assume that they’re not allowing the sale of those and that they will withdraw the ones that were sold that remained in people’s inventory.

I would be upset if people who purchased and had them taken away weren’t made whole in terms of the drops they expended to buy them. I would also be upset if they allowed some to keep them, as with yours, while still failing to make them available for sale to all. It’s not unreasonable to think that Zwift would be equitable about how they treated this situation regardless as to whether a person does or doesn’t race or group rides or what ever. I have been here since December 2016 and have always ridden alone on the TT, and have only raced once, but that really doesn’t matter, because Zwift isn’t going to police how people have ridden in the past or what they’ve ridden etc, that would be absurd. What matters is that if they’re not making them available for sale then they need to fully undo the mess they made.

I know you don’t agree with me but that’s because you’ve benefited where others have not. But Paul we all pay the same amount to be here, it’s really unjustifiable that you would be able to keep the ones you purchased when others have not had the same opportunity.

And again I’m not mad, I’m just a bit frosted that the answers we’re getting are very vague and incomplete, and I would venture that in the end I’m spot on with what you would say are my assumptions, but call it what you will, misinformation or what not, but it’s not at all an unreasonable conclusion.

If anything I’ve written above is misinformation then let Zwift respond and tell me why I’m wrong. I’m posting it in their forum where they monitor yet they seem to be unwilling to respond to this whole fiasco with anything but vagaries.