808/Super9 DISC not in Drop Shop anymore

(Steven) #61

That quote has nothing to do with my thoughts about having the wheels taken back.

For that please read / look at post 12 above.

(Lin) #62

Seriously, all of this outrage and anger over a set of imaginary wheels.

It would literally take Zwift a couple minutes to take back or remove all the 808/Super9 wheel sets if they wanted to do so. It is not a matter of "If they figure out… " A single DB update and it is done!

I am not a beta user. I have the wheel set. I have been running Zwift on a MacBook Pro lately. If I check on my iPhone or AppleTV, the wheels are still there as well. I have never done a race. I am not Level 50.

Per your own email from Zwift customer service, “…they will be making a return.”

They have responded more than once to you. Both in this forum and directly via email. However, you not being satisfied w/the response does not make Zwift wrong or the bad guy you want them to be. You want a concrete date for a fix w/complete description of how they will resolve the problem? If so, you need a reality check because no software company is going to give you that type of response. When was the last time you saw Apple or Microsoft, Nintendo, Oracle, etc., state on xx-yy-zzzz we will issue a fix for whatever bug, security hole, game feature, etc… NEVER!

This is not the first time Zwift has released a new feature that is not fully baked. This is not the first time Zwift has released a new version which broke something that worked previously. It is software. While they do QA testing, it is another thing entirely once it is released to the tens or hundreds of thousand users they have all running on different platforms and different hardware. Zwift is not alone in this respect. In the end, they will sort it out and make server side adjustments and/or release a new client w/the necessary patches.

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #63

People are generally ok with mistakes. People are generally not ok with poor communication. If this is such a minor error and so easy to fix why has it take over 10 days to do it? Is it really that hard to activate it back in the shop?

(Lin) #64

Well, while this is the Zwift forum and there are a couple of Zwift employees who answer on occasion, I would not call it poor communication. The guys like Vincent or whomever have limits to their knowledge of what is going on. They also probably have limits on what they are allowed to say. Not everything needs to be full-disclosure to be considered good communication. We know there is a problem. Zwift has acknowledged there is a problem. Zwift has stated that the wheels will return. Basically, they are working on fixing said Dropz Shop problems.

As for how easy or hard it may be to do so… Consider the following:

  • They did QA testing before the release and this still happened.
  • There have been several different albeit related issues to the Dropz Shop.
  • Assuming a client side fix is needed as well, that’s a lot of different platforms (i.e.,iOS, tvOS, Win, Mac, Android)
  • Using Apple store as an example, it could be a couple of days to a week for a new update to be reviewed by Apple and made available.

My point is that each of the above and more will add time to problem resolution. Last thing Zwift or any of us want is for the “fix” to be announced/released only to find out that it is still broken.

(Juha) #65

Just my opinion, drop shop was mistake. I think traditional level unlock system was better. Didn’t need to complain how goods are suddenly disappeared. I think it’s better that Zwift just focused to fix all bugs and problems in software itself and build more maps if needed.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #66

I think Drop shop is basically great idea … but it fails again (as it happened to many other great ideas already), because of Zwift is “GIMPI” company (GIMPI - Great Ideas, Mostly Poor Implementation). DS is just another example. Its a pity, instead of fun and entertainment people are pis** off.

But frankly, some people here exaggerate a lot … some complaints and reactions sound childish. Just my 2c.

(Ricky) #67

I’m with you on this. Some of the outrage is a bit “tin-foil hat”.

(Steven) #68

Honestly…you read anger in all that? Unless you’re predisposed toward finding anger I don’t see it. You’re reading way more into this than is there.

Quoting me about fully undoing the mess they made and responding with Zwift’s email to me saying they will make a return, how does that even fit? The latter is not an answer for the former. As an aside Zwift has said for over a year (maybe more) now that they will be making a return yet nothing ever comes of if.

As I said to Paul, in a couple weeks the issue won’t matter anymore because it will be time to go outside, which will be a welcome change from Zwift.

I read the rest of your responses to things you’ve sort of quoted from me and they read as though you didn’t read the whole thread. As for your suggestion that Zwift responded more than adequately, I’m sorry but no they didn’t, and that’s the reason why this thread exists, because they didn’t respond properly. They responded to me once here with a non-answer and then responded to my email with a slightly better answer but still without adequately addressing all of the issues.

I do agree with an above posters who suggested that Zwift tends to implement things poorly, in fact I would suggest that adequate testing has gone out the window everywhere, not just with Zwift. No one seems to fully test their code before putting it out there for use anymore. Like Juha I also don’t really understand why there was a need for Drop Shop but whatever, they’re going to do what they want anyway, like Strava implemented ridiculous algo driven feed over chronological feed to major negative protest. No one wanted that either but it didn’t stop them.

But finally, I would ask you, as I would ask Paul, why you believe you deserve to keep something that others have not been allowed to (purchase or keep)? And I’ll give you a hint that your excuse above, like Paul’s, lends zero credibility to any argument in favor.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #69

Would it make you feel better if Zwift took the 808/Super9 away from me and a lot of others who were able to purchase them? They don’t make me any faster and I use the 3rd person view so I never see them anyways. It’s just virtual stuff that wont make me any faster when it comes time to race IRL.

Maybe after you spend sometime outside and you return to Zwift after a few months they will be available to you.

Ride On!

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #70

There have been a myriad of issues so perhaps they need to review their QA process.

(Jim) #71

Customers are their QA process!

(David) #72

With any large software development like this, where changes are rolled out on an an ongoing basis, the entire user base is, to some extent, part of ongoing beta testing. Bugs not found during in-house testing will always rear their heads in daily use, particularly where the user base is many thousands in size … it simply isn’t possible to test every possible combination of factors that might become issues in the real world.

There is a reason that Google used to describe all of its software (maps, earth, docs, etc.) as BETA all the time, and that was because whilst they were not beta software in the traditional, pre-release sense, they understood that modern, constantly updated software can never be considered “complete” and “released”.

With the disc wheel, they appear to have released it into the shop as part of the update without meaning to and, whilst it is a simple enough job to add it back in, that is not the issue. They need to make a decision whether to now release an item given as a perk to those involved in the original, pre-release, beta testing regime to all Zwift users … which may honk off the original beta testers in return.

Looks like they have decided to do that … at some point.

(Z Kryder) #73

Drop shop was not and could not be a “mistake” to have disc for sale. It was promised two years ago when Zwift first talked about a store. the drop shop has all brand new graphics. It all was approved before being launched. If it wasn’t meant to be in there, the box where it is shown would never have been created. It is most likely that an update lost this piece of equipment. It is possible that it was being corrected at the time and was not included in the second update (on PC only). My original thought was that somehow the wrong price was listed and it was no longer there because the price was incorrect. (Nobody at Zwift has said this, just seemed possible to me).
454 is 284K
858 is 312K level 37
Disc is 275 level 13 doesn’t make sense. Maybe if disc and 858 switch. And ‘Safety’ wheelset is 710K level 44??? I don’t get it.

(Aaron) #74

Borrow one of your buddy’s ios devices, log in to zwift on it, and buy a pair of disc wheels of your own.

(T) #75

This makes sense. Let’s just go with this as the reason. It works for me

( -) #76

Makes absolutely sense.
I also wondered how cheap the Super9 was when I bought them.
The holy glory disc wheel who everyone is talking about, the mysterious and legendary super9.
And than you can buy them at level 13 for just a hand full of drops?
Sounds like a mistake for me.

(Ricky) #77

Let’s be honest, the disc looks stupid anyway (unless you’re on a TT bike) :joy:

(Ben Fricker) #78

Don’t work anymore.
Tried a few days earlier with my iPad just out of curiosity.

(T) #79

Ok now that the rear disc is sorted, WHEN WILL A FRONT DISC BE AVAILABLE??

(Robert McMasters) #80

I wrote to support about this a few times. There was a huge amount of misinformation. At first the rep said it wasn’t in as a mistake and that it would be “fixed”. They even suggested, doing a fresh install and that would fix it.

After a few more questions, someone finally replied back that it’s not going back in and that those who got it, got it, you didn’t so sucks for you.

Clearly, they didn’t intend for it to be in. While the disc doesn’t radically change anything, it’s still a big FU to those that missed getting it on the few days it was available. It really pisses me off whenever I see someone ride by with the disc.