808/Super9 DISC not in Drop Shop anymore

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After a few more questions, someone finally replied back that it’s not going back in and that those who got it, got it, you didn’t so sucks for you.

You can’t be serious! They can’t be serious!!!

While the disc doesn’t radically change anything, it’s still a big FU to those that missed getting it on the few days it was available. It really pisses me off whenever I see someone ride by with the disc.

I feel the same.


(Jim) #82

Too bad we can’t transfer items. I’d gladly sell you my disc, since I’ve gone back to my Tron.

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Makes absolutely no sense to not release an asset which is already designed and in game for some. Especially given they promote a Triathlon based team.

Hahaha I too just get annoyed when I see a disk now. Not the ideal connotation to associate with zwift. I guess when you have a monopoly you can do what ya want

Ride on all

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(Robert McMasters) #85
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Can we get an official statement already please? It’s been over 2 weeks now.

What happened on day 1 of the update?
Is the 808/Super9 combo coming back to the Drop Shop?


(G rinsekatze 4006) #87

I agree with the question and would also like to have an official statement if the 808/Super9 combo is coming back to the Drop Shop or not?

If so, I would wait until they are back, if not, i would buy the “ordinary” 808.

(Robert McMasters) #88

It’s not coming back. I wrote to support and after a lot of back and forth they finally admitted it was not supposed to be in the shop and won’t be coming back.

(Z wiftInsiderTest) #89

Can you post that reply verbatim?

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(Lin) #90

This is up above and contrary to what @Robert_McMasters is stating. Just saying :man_shrugging:

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(Robert McMasters) #91

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve looked into this for you, and apparently there was some misleading information about implementing the Super 9 option. I’m definitely sorry for getting your hopes up in that last email.

The Super 9 wheel has been removed from the Drop Shop, though there are some people who have the wheel already.

Like I previously mentioned, your friends who have the wheel, must of been some of the few who were able to purchase it on the first day, and retained it after the log out.

Again, I’m definitely sorry for any confusion.

If you have any more questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out again.

Ride On!

(Paul) #92

I see nothing there that says it’s not coming back.

(Z wiftInsiderTest) #93

Zwift feedback is that all Zwifters want the disc.
Ask people to vote up for bringing back the disc (unless it becomes a 50,000 km challenge) . Go to FB Zwift riders and Zwift racers and ask them to all vote for disc in drop shot. (Should you post this request in 'Feature Requests) Make sure you provide a link to your forum post.

(Robert McMasters) #94

True, except I asked outright if it was coming back 3 times and this was as close to answering the question as they ever got. Based on his reply it was intentionally removed and he said that those who got it, get to keep it and nothing about it ever coming back in. I specifically asked that and since he didn’t say anything along the lines that it is being looked at, considered or will ever come back.

(V) #95

Another update (PC) today from to
Still no sign of 808/Super9’s return to the Drop Shop.
Is this issue even on your radar, Zwift? Honestly it baffles me how with your overall fair attitude that hard work pays off (the Drops themeselves are a prime example of this) you would go as far as to DENY the players access to the fastest (tried-and-tested) wheelset in the game?! A wheelset that would undoubtedly increase the variety of bikes people ride/race on as it makes many of those bikes (S-Works Venge, Cervelo S5 as two examples) capable to stand their ground against the mighty Tron bike?


(G rinsekatze 4006) #96

Are the 808/Super9’s still available on AppleTV?

A friend of mine has an AppleTV, so…

Thanks :slight_smile:

( -) #97

No, no longer available on iOS and Apple TV

(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #98

Love this topic) have not got the wheels though, so not in that elite club of lucky riders)
But i am enjoying by drop shop at the moment riding comparable slow scott foil like IRL. Tron accumulating some dust in my garage) But its only my choice and i understand all frustrated people who did not get super9.
Looks like it is a big effort for zwift dev to take the wheels off and refund. Might be partial solution here to do not allow to install them to usual Road bike, just to TT? As its a bit odd to ride group rides with the disc… Could be windy)

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(G rinsekatze 4006) #99

what a pity, chris_w - but thank you very much for your quick answer!

(V) #100

Is the Disc back yet?

(G rinsekatze 4006) #101

no, at least not on PC