Unintended wrong turn during group rides - Sterzo Smart

Since recent updates, I’ve taken unintentional wrong turns during RoboPacer group rides…very annoying. It never happened before.
It seems that turn selection with the Sterzo Smart is now TOO sensitive.
I’m expecting to see things like “It’s a feature” and “Just don’t steer at all when approaching intersections on group rides”. Not satisfactory.

Not from me. We’re looking into issues with people making incorrect turns on group rides and pacer rides.

You shouldn’t be forced into making a turn just because you are steering at the time.

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Same here - happened to me 3 times during robopacer group ride yesterday. It’s very annoying, please have a look at it. Good we have the teleport now :wink:

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Is there a fix planned for this yet? A good place to start may just be returning the Sterzo turn selection sensitivity back to how it was before.