Unable to pedal until on the Pen until Banner drop on an event

I brought a new Elite Suito T and when entering an event there’s no way I can move the pedals (I don’t have the power to move them) while on the pen until the banner drops. I have the trainer paired to by ANT+ with a PC with Windows10. Never had this problem before with other trainers.

Help welcome

Are you using the FE-C option for ant+?

Yes Mike, I’m using the FE-C option !!


Hi @Jorge_Caldeira

Sorry to hear that you’ve run into this issue, and that’s a new one to me.

Just for clarification, are you saying that you’re pedaling, but your Zwift avatar isn’t producing any power readings at the event paddock (e.g. the pen) or starting line, and before the event begins? But, once the event begins, your avatar moves? Is that correct?

Does this happen every event or just sometimes?

Do you have a video showing an example of this behavior? If possible, please record a short video showing this happen. I’d be curious to see this.

Does this only happen with ANT+ pairing or have you tried BLE pairing to see if that makes any difference?

It sounds like what he is saying is that Zwift is sending so much resistance to the trainer that he is unable to pedal, at all, until the event actually starts.

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Interesting. If that’s the case, I have to wonder if the firmware is up to date and if the trainer is regularly calibrated. We’ll see what he says in response to my previous questions.

Thanks @Steven_D and @Nigel_Tufnel

Yes, it is like Nigel said, Zwift is sending a resistance that I’m unable to pedal. It has happen on my recent events, start using this Suito last Sunday (30Jan) (TdZ Stage, Group ride and 2 Ineos Workouts).
I don’t have any video because a video would only show my avatar stoped and me standing trying to pedal :slight_smile:
I brought this trainer last week to use it as a spare (sometimes the NEO needs to get fixed, fortunately Tacx/Garmin have done their job well replacing the units) and only used it with what I’m used to (and never used to let me down) with the Win10 PC and ANT+ .
I’ll try pairing it by BLE with an iPad and see if it makes any difference (should not because this only happens until the event starts, then everything goes OK)
I have the firmware of the trainer updated and I’ve been also calibrating the Trainer (as they ask after using/warmed, I’m doing it after the rides) in a daily basis because I’m trying to figure out why the power values are 10%lower than those that I get with my Assioma Duo pedals and used to get with the NEO 2T .

Hi @Jorge_Caldeira , you’re welcome!

Hmm, since you’ve updated the firmware and calibrated, it seems you’ve covered some of the basic troubleshooting, but I’m curious to see if the issue happens with BLE pairing on your iPad. Please let us know the results of that testing.

Even so, also I think this merits a closer investigation by our tech support team. I suggest you contact us here.

You might think I”m crazy… :grinning:
I can’t explain but today I tried with BLE and with ANT+ … on a Group ride, on a Group Wkt and on a TdZ stage and did not have the issue .
I’m sorry for bothering and thanks for the help.

I hope I will never know the reason for having the issue the past days.


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That’s good news to hear that your last event didn’t exhibit the same unusual trainer resistance in the event paddock!

If it happens again, please send us a support request as previously mentioned. If this is a recurring issue or bug, we’ll want to track it down and get it fixed. Thanks!