Resistance difference between home screen and activity [May 2024]

The resistance when turning the pedals on entering the event page has got worse the last few days. When zwift is loading all is fine until the event page lights up and it then feels like I am on 4-5% climb. If you are doing a booked event and enter the paddocks the resistance drops but if are joining a pacer then I have to stop pedalling until the timer starts. I am not alone with this problem several others confirmed it happens to them. On cold legs this is not fun

I noticed this today as well when joining Constance robopacer group - I had very heavy resistance during the pedal assistance countdown but I was able to force through it.

I suggest you don’t bother reporting this, others will come along various other arguments until you get fed up and give up.

Hi folks, would you mind clarifying a few things and then sharing some more details about this situation?
For clarification:

  • What model trainer are you using?
  • Are you certain no other devices or apps nearby are trying to control your trainer?
  • I see you’re both paired over ANT+, can you confirm that you’re paired over ANT+ FE-C for both Power and Resistance?

For investigation:

  • Assuming you are pedaling steady from the moment your fitness equipment is fully paired, what actions (or which pages) on the home screen cause resistance to spike for you?
  • Does the resistance always normalize once you’re in an activity?
  • Are there any other caveats? (e.g. resistance stays high while you’re in pedal assist mode)
  • Does this still occur if you’re paired over bluetooth or ZC bridge?

Wahoo Kickr Bike V1 - paired via ANT+ (the Garmin USB ANT+ stick).
No other devices paired

Open Zwift
Devices paired (bike through ANT+, also HR strap)
Launch the robopacer ride (Constance group)
Start turning pedals
Resistance tough to start with but okay once I pushed through it

Bluetooth I don’t use because it doesn’t work very well for me (antenna on my computer not that great).

I use a kickr2 paired through ant+ with a paired hr strap. The resistance is okay once the activity starts. It is just happening on the event page and leading to the activity to load.

Thank you both! I’ve flagged this up for more investigation at HQ. If you have the chance to confirm whether you are paired specifically over ANT+ FE-C protocol or try out Zwift Companion bridge pairing, feel free to let me know if there’s any notable difference.