Unable to pair Garmin Cadence Sensor on Tablet or PC

I have been able to pair the Garmin Cad sensor on the laptop for a LONG TIME without any problems.

Recently, if the app is run from the laptop, it is not possible to see the CAD sensor (Garmin) and the execution of the course with the number of Cad laps detected by the trainer is very imprecise.

The battery was replaced without any improvement, the sensor works as I can pair it on my mobile phone as well as on the cycle computer. (I also tried with a different sensor)

I tried pairing the sensor to the new tablet and again after using the Zwift app, the sensor is not detected by the app.

Ant+ and Bluetooth icons on screen active

Android in use: Samsung A8 tablet, S8 phone, A 32 phone

Hi @maurizio_scarabelli, Welcome to the Zwift Forums!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I appreciate you used this space to share your concerns. Let me do my best to help you through this connection issue with your Garmin cadence sensor:

  1. Those sensors have a sleep function to save battery. Are the LED lights on? Garmin’s support site shows you how to wake them up .
  2. Could you please forget the sensors to any device you used to pair them in the past? This will ensure that no device tries to still the connection directly and is limited to broadcasting the information to Zwift.
  3. Could you please let us know the behavior of the LED lights? *The LED flashes green for five seconds to indicate activity.

Also, we can give you some one-on-one assistance. Please use the Contact Us link on Support.Zwift.com, and we will be happy to help more deeply!

Hi @maurizio_scarabelli

Shuji at Zwift HQ here.

You may want to check the specifications on your Samsung devices to see if they have an ANT+ radio. Samsung hasn’t included an ANT+ chipset in their mobile devices in many many years.

The Tab A8 tablet for example, does not list ANT+ support.

Without an onboard ANT+ chipset, there will be no connectivity to ANT only sensors. Is your cadence sensor a dual-protocol unit (meaning Bluetooth and ANT), or is it ANT only?

Hi There!

Thanks for the swift feedback and for the useful information which opened my mind!

To cut a long story short, I have been using Zwift with a Garmin cadence sensor for “years”, then the battery went flat and I took the second sensor normally installed on my road bike.

Then I started having issues with cadence but I managed by using a mobile phone rather than laptop!
Then again I tried with the Tablet and again with the tablet, so i wrote to You!

I was seeing the Ant + button live on the screen so I assumed all was OK, but I didn’t realize that the Tablet was unable to read the sensor and that I had two Garmin sensors with different properties.

I have swapped sensors and installed on the Zwift bike the one Ant+ & Bluetooth and all is OK by now!

Many many thanks again and Brgds!



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