Unable to open ZWIFT app after the July update

Hi there, Ive been unable to open the whole app after i updated the app last week. Uninstalled and installed back several times, it doesnt work. Had to use VPN for a day but the issue appeared 2 days before I even used it and never used it before. Update went fine just after it finished the app just doesnt open. Please help

What happens when you try launch? do you see any errors or windows appear?

If youa re on PC worth checking the logs in \Documents\Zwift\Logs folder if there is anything in launcher.log or log.txt to suggest where it might be getting stuck

no errors appearing just the blue loading circle appears for 2-3 seconds and then nothing happens

Hi. I’ve been trying to update zwift for the last week or so, and I’m getting this message. I have a Windows 10 laptop. Already did the “full” deinstall / reinstall, nothing changes…

Are you connected over mobile data? I’ve seen this a number of times (normally Vodafone). If you connect over a “normal” internet connection it is normally fine.

normal wi-fi, even if I use mobile data while using zwift through my phone is works fine

I am currently on mobile data (vodafone), yes. Thanks for the feedback