Zwift won't start anymore

I have been using Zwift since the start of the year, but since this last month the app wont load on my PC. I log in, press the ‘Lets go’ button, then it loads but never gets the screen below, onto the actual app. The app is still running in the background, i right click the tab in the toolbar and ‘open’ and the same thing happens. I have tried reinstalling the app, updating the PC, updating graphics drivers, clearing cookies on IE, even installed cc cleaner and ran that, still can get the app to work.

Please help, I don’t think I can use my phone for much longer.

Hi @Thomas_Jackson1

Welcome to the forum.

What changed on you pc , is it a work pc?

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ
Its not a work PC and nothing has changed that I know of.
Just one day mid workout, the app crashed and hasn’t worked since.

When you’ve said you’ve reinstalled have you completely removed it before installing it again?

It doesn’t completely remove itself.

I have uninstalled it and deleted all the files I can find, then reinstalled it.

I am in touch with the tech guys via emails and have sent them my crash logs, hopefully then can sort it out or let me know whats going on.

Thanks for the help