Zwift not starting after update

(kees van Zon) #1

 Hi, this week started Zwift again and got the update


Since I start up , it gives the login screen and says Welcome.


Then it turns to the full blue screen and there it stays all the time.


I have Windows 7 desktop

With 4GB ram memory

2GB MSI video card

(kees van Zon) #2

Also on my laptop it will not start , while we tried on a computer at work and that worked well.

(Gabriel Mardones) #3

i have the same problem…again!

(Robson GALM Fme BC) #4

Here too, after update no longer starts the zwift, support helps me
I use windows 10

(Joseph Colon (TV5)) #5

I still can’t start it on my pc. I uninstalled, updated, and installed again. This was after the update on Friday. I ended up using my Mac laptop. So far no problems there!

(PL chartrand (strokers)) #6

I have the same issue


(PL chartrand (strokers)) #7

both of my computers were working just fine before the update and now I cant use it.


sucks cause I’m getting ready for a competition and I need it to work helppppp

(Gee Valdes (TV5)) #8

Same issue, since update screen freezes.  Can NOT get on.  Please let us know what needs to be done?  

(Rob Morgan) #9

I cant log in on my laptop. my mac desktop is working fine though.

really annoying but I would hope as we are paying for this service Zwift will be working on fixing whatever they have done ASAP 

(Dave Caswell) #10

Support gave me the heads up my problem was to do with the sound card. I actually had nothing plugged in on the PC I use and plugging a jack to jack cable in to the green socket (audio out normally) and fooling the PC into think it had headphones connected allowed Zwift to launch. Result.

(kees van Zon) #11

Just had a small update , and everything seems to work fine now.

At least on my Desktop with Windows 7, which I run Zwift on normally.

Thanks Zwift.

(Rob Morgan) #12

hoped this mornings update was going to sort it out but no joy.  even tried the jack plug trick.

still no joy.

(kees van Zon) #13

On my laptop (Windows 10) it is not solved yet, but normally don’t use that for Zwift.

(Mikael Brunback) #14

I have the same problem with a macbook air

(Joseph Colon (TV5)) #15

The latest update seemed to resolve the issue with my pc. Thank you!

(Brad Forrer) #16

After signing in the screen states, “Log in Successful” but then the screen freezes and states “ZwiftApp quit Unexpectedly”. Any suggestions?

(Jeremy Yost) #17

Had no issues with Windows 10–used my Surface when Zwift wouldn’t start on the Mac connected to the TV. But the screen on the Surface is so small. :frowning:

On Mac OS X 10.7.5 “ZwiftApp quit unexpectedly” after entering password. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but I don’t think all of the files are cleaned up on a Mac when uninstalling because after RE-installing I got the message, “Welcome back Jeremy”.  Tried uninstalling / restarting / downloading / reinstalling like 3 times.

Please advise.