Unable to login to Zwift

Eight days ago I decided to move to monthly payment on Zwift. I received a free month coupon with my Saris indoor trainer but it only allowed me to do 25kms at once.
When I put in my bank details it said membership pending for about two days.
Thereafter it said Zwift Unlimited member but everytime I login it says free trial is over ?
I have tried three different Visa cards and PayPal (all of which have sufficient funds) and called my bank whom said there is no reason as to why my cards would not work.
I have ensured that my address is exactly the same as my address given to my bank. Still not working. It says there is an "error with my subscription "
My bank does require a one time pin and therefore I know that the money has not been debited yet.
I have emailed support several times but they said there is an error and have not given further insight. I will try again this week.
Is there anyone who has had the same problem as me ? I would really like the choice of being able to use Zwift.

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have similar issue. Thanks