Payment Process Error

Today I received an email from Zwift saying that the monthly payment could not be processed and that I was suspended.

I logged in and my credit card is OK, I checked with the bank and all OK.

I change credit card just in case, filled of spaces requires and click continue but I got the following error:

An error has occurred while creating your subscription, please verify the information entered.

So I entered another new credit card and the very same error. Credit cards, name, address all are OK. All information had been verified and as well check status on my banks and all OK.

Meanwhile I’m in FREE TRIAL MODE :rage:

So it is not on my end where the problem is…

You need to get in touch with Zwift support. Billing issues can’t be sorted here on the forums.

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I tried but either the “automated” chat that only gives automatic answers with no real human behind or this forums. I tried the support@ email but got an automatic response that they no longer receive this emails. So yes my first thought was to contact directly support but if I just knew where and how…

Just continue through the automated/canned responses dialogue. At the end you can write a message to Zwift support.


Thanks !