Unable to login (Nov 30, 2021)

The old 502 Bad Gateway issue. It’s happening from two different computers, one of them using the connection directly from the ISP (in Chile), the other using a VPN connected to the US. Apple TV is also not logging, it keeps spinning for a while and then it says that the account can’t log in. https://my.zwift.com/ is also not loading.

In several retries, the login prompt appeared a single time in a computer, but when I entered email and password it just got to a different error page.

Most of the time, however, I just see a blank window, as in the following screenshot:

I also cannot log in. I’ve tried 2 Apple TV’s, 3 iPads and also cannot log in to Zwift on the web. iOS companion app also stuck on blue screen.

Interesting that I’ve been trying for over 25 minutes, and the status page still says Log In is operational, although every attempt keeps failing for me.

I’m also unable to get in on Windows 10 (launcher wont even open to click “lets go”) and android “there was an error logging in with that account!”

@shooj can you confirm if there are server issues?

EDIT: both are working now and I am able to log in 4:39 PM EST 11/30/21

Those pages are reactive, unfortunately.

Same here. First time the android app asked for my credentials. The app on Windows 10 was mostly a white screen. Once I got 502 Bad Gateway. I believe the other was a 504.

I did get it to launch once, but exited…big mistake.

I’m not really sure what you mean. If the status page reacts to metrics, then the metrics are really late, because it’s been failing for more than 30 minutes.

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Zwift help desk at 3:39pm CST says a major outage. no ETA
windows pc and my apple app both are not getting authenticated

Working fine here (UK, Windows, multiple systems).

working now

yep, back up - rock and roll

What I mean is I’ve never seen that page say there’s a problem until everyone reports one. :rofl:

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I can’t log in through Android app either. I have had 3 separate errors display

  • invalid login
  • couldn’t connect to server
  • couldn’t connect to internet

Not resolved by changing from WiFi to mobile data or shutting down and reopening.

Companion app has the same issue.

Resolved here too!