502 Error - Cant Log into Zwift APP

Anyone else unable to launch on PC keep getting 502 bad gateway error.

Are you using a VPN or Proxy?

Have you tried restarting your modem and router?

This sounds like it could be an issue with your ISP.

Yeah I can’t get in either

Can’t get in on either pc or ipad

OK, there seems to be an issue on Zwift’s end, I cannot access zwift.com/status or my.zwift.com

@shooj can you look into the issue.

I also cannot enter, Zwift computer, Zwift companion and Zwift.com

502 here to. Can’t login on pc

Same here, 502 gateway

not working on pc, or android

Same, since 13:55 eastern.

Same here. No access on PC. 502 error.

I just got in on Android no problem

Same here, gave up after 10 min. My ISP can resolve Zwift.com and I can ping it. I just couldn’t fully load the Zwift website and get getting 502 HTTP error. Betting one of the Zwift load balancers got COVID 19.


Ok, I was just able to login.

https://status.zwift.com/ is also up and showing no issues

That’s is weird I cannot access that site. What DNS servers are you using?

Seem like it is hit or miss.

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Same. From US here

This could be outside of Zwift’s control given the info that has been posted on this thread.

Zwift say they are aware of the issue and are working on it.