Bad Gateway error 502

I was loaded ready to go and this error message appeared and now no Zwift. For a site I pay for I expect a lot more

Same error. Will it be accessible soon? Trying to get on.

I was riding for almost 2 hours and the app froze. Now I cannot log into the app. Me thinks it crashed…

same problem - no access to program or ability to log in on Zwift website


Looking to log on but it is giving me a 502 error.  What can be done to fix the problem on my end??

me too right before 11am. cannot log in, same error message

I’m unable to login. I am new to Zwift, is this common?

I was just able to log in.

Servers appear to be back up now.

They are -  I am back in. As a newbie during my searching I saw a lot of requests for a status update on this site. I echo the comments a live status of the servers would be very useful.