bad gateway

(Curtis Boivin) #1

i cannot launch the app due to a 504 error bad gateway.

(Annette Bowman (Team Endurance360)) #2

I am receiving a 502 Bad Gateway error and am also unable to launch the app.

(Davis Jefferies) #3

Me too.

(Spin Diesel (B)) #4

Yep, me as well.

Oh well, guess I’ll not be doing tonights workout then :frowning:

(Caleb House) #5

502 Bad Gateway, yep

(Mark Nigh (TEAM HEROES)) #6

can launch for the same reason.  Very frustrated


(Warren Kim (Korvelo)) #7

I am getting bad gateway error also.

(Michael T) #8

Zwift appears to be down.

(Gert Boer Dutch Diesel Cycling) #9

Same here, thanks for sharing guys

(Jason K) #10

Sorry for the brief server outage! We’re back up now. :slight_smile:

(Allan Manderla) #11

got this as well today Ticket submitted.

(Paul Allen) #12


I am guessing it had something to do with GCN’s Si Richardson racing on Zwift today.

(Ray Ruyack) #13

Seems to be back up now.  Update? (please).

(New Scot (C) ODZ Euro Decaf lead) #14

Hi Zwift - is this the reason I got a freeze mid-ride earlier?

If so, when I got a screen back I was able to complete a 55 minute ride - but only showing as 20 minutes in Zwift??

How does one recover things like that?

(Allan Manderla) #15


thanks does seem to be ok now. this was my first day with the program.

does this happen often ? I guess then the cause is server overload.

I might not stick this out past the free trial if that’s the case.


(Ray Ruyack) #16

Happens rarely.  There is an update coming soon which may account for the issues.

(Paul Allen) #17

This is a very rare occurrence, I think the servers got over-loaded do to the GCN boys being on Zwift (or preparing to be).