bad gateway

i cannot launch the app due to a 504 error bad gateway.

I am receiving a 502 Bad Gateway error and am also unable to launch the app.

Me too.

Yep, me as well.

Oh well, guess I’ll not be doing tonights workout then :frowning:

502 Bad Gateway, yep

can launch for the same reason.  Very frustrated


I am getting bad gateway error also.

Zwift appears to be down.

Same here, thanks for sharing guys

Sorry for the brief server outage! We’re back up now. :slight_smile:

got this as well today Ticket submitted.


I am guessing it had something to do with GCN’s Si Richardson racing on Zwift today.

Seems to be back up now.  Update? (please).

Hi Zwift - is this the reason I got a freeze mid-ride earlier?

If so, when I got a screen back I was able to complete a 55 minute ride - but only showing as 20 minutes in Zwift??

How does one recover things like that?


thanks does seem to be ok now. this was my first day with the program.

does this happen often ? I guess then the cause is server overload.

I might not stick this out past the free trial if that’s the case.


Happens rarely.  There is an update coming soon which may account for the issues.

This is a very rare occurrence, I think the servers got over-loaded do to the GCN boys being on Zwift (or preparing to be).