Unable to log into Zwift app

I’m suddenly unable to log into Zwift this morning either on Apple TV or my iPad, both of which I’ve been using regularly for the last two years. Anyone else having any issues today? It’s the same for both me and my wife. You click on the orange arrow next to your name on the opening screen and usually the little circle rotates for a few seconds and it goes to the set-up screen where you pair your trainer etc. Only now the circle just keeps rotating, and rotating…

All good now. Odd that for three hours we were unable to log into the Zwift app. Companion app and Zwift website were fine. First time I’ve had a problem in two years.

The problem has resurfaced. Yesterday we had no problems accessing Zwift, but this morning my wife goes to log on for her ride at the same time as two days ago and the same problem - after you click against your name on the log in screen the little circle just continues to revolve, forever. We’ve tried restarting, but no luck. Exactly the same issue when I try to log on using my iPad. We can log into Zwift on the Companion app and also on the website. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?