Unable to detect smart trainer

Hi all,
Newbie here - hope you can help!
I have an Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart+ trainer which works on an ipad with the Elite trainer software(as in, it connects and the bike data is transmitted to the ipad), however the ipad is not mine (and the Elite app is not very good) so I needed a more long-term solution - so I have got a new laptop and a Zwift subscription.
However, my laptop cannot detect the trainer, which is very odd to me as the ipad can, considering that the laptop is far more powerful than the ipad(which is about four years old). The laptop has Bluetooth which definately works, but it just doesn’t see the trainer. The trainer doesn’t have an on/off switch as it has a battery, presumably it just waits for the roller to move and is then activated, so it is not as if I can just ‘reset’ the trainer. I have removed and re-inserted the battery but this didn’t change anything.
I was wondering if an ANT+ dongle would work(thought I’d ask the question on here before I spend any more money!) Any ideas greatly received; I am out of ideas really!

I’m not sure what’s wrong (it should work) but an ANT+ dongle can be quite inexpensive and still work fine. I can vouch for the Coospo RC401 which is US$11 on Amazon, and it’s nice to have a couple options for pairing. Sometimes a Zwift update will introduce bugs for one or the other and having options will keep you riding.

If you don’t get useful suggestions here about the Bluetooth problem, contact Zwift support and they may be able to figure out what’s up.

If you do buy an ANT+ dongle, review this thread:

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Thanks for the recommendation Paul; I have bought this item so hopefully this should get me Zwifting :slight_smile: