"UH OH!" Flier Speed Detection Warning


We have just got a turbo trainer. I have recently created an account, my wife has a new account and my 12-year-old son has asked for an account, but in the interim he’s been using my wife’s account, but changed the weight to his correct weight of 38kg.

He’s VERY athletic so pulling 200w+ and 80+rpm and leading his races but got this message about being a pro. Then everything went ultra-stiff.

He’s entered all the data correctly but appears to have been penalised for his sportiness. Please advise.

What sort of trainer is it? Just wondering if it is one that is not very accurate and likely to over-report wattage and hence make things worse.

And what sort of race was this in? Was it a Crit City Anti-Sandbagging race?

Thanks. Its a Tacx blue motion and was a Crit City race I think. He put himself in Cat A.

Ok, so the Tacx Blue Motion is not a smart trainer, so it not likely to be very accurate. When you pair it with Zwift, do you set the resistance level of the trainer to the level that Zwift tells you to, and then leave it there? Because if you vary the resistance from that setting it’s likely to be even more inaccurate.

Many thanks. I also posted on a FB group and it appears the flag was because the weight change was from 67kg to 38kg on my wife’s account. We will just get him to [incorrectly] ride on her weight until his kids account comes through

This is why people should not use other people’s accounts.

Your son certainly should not have been racing using your wife’s account.

Free riding or group rides are fine and you would not have drawn the flags.

Entering into a race is an agreement to play by the rules.


Thanks for the reply. We are brand new to it and he’s been bugging me for 2 days so I relented (it’s lockdown and they have nothing else to do - bouncing off the walls).
Duly noted and I have chased support to try to get his kids account activated ASAP